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corvette adThe 1969 Corvette was a refined 1968 with major changes made in the appearance. The appearance was of a much longer car, it is interesting to note that the wheelbase of 98" had been unchanged since 1963. Probably the most innovative of the features was the removable panels in the roof of the coupe, the removable rear window, and the new pop-up (previously rotating) headlights.  Lots of options were available too.

Other less obvious features included a 20 gallon plastic fuel tank, weighing less than previous steel tanks, crankcase fume return lines on the bigger engines. Still however was the 350 horsepower newly named Turbo-Fire 427 cid (special hood) in versions up to 435 horsepower. Also, the 327 was replaced with the 350 cid version, but overall ratings were the same.

In 1969 the following colors were available:

  • Can-Am White
  • Monza Red
  • LeMans Blue
  • Fathom Green
  • Daytona Yellow
  • Cortez Silver
  • Monaco Orange
  • Burgundy
  • Riverside Gold
  • Tuxedo Black
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